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Time Tables: Dcom3, Com3


  1. Notes, labs etc is.gd/s8bAtC
  2. Handouts: See the Text Book below, you can purchase the eBook version.
  3. Remote (only) Lecture sequence
  1. Getting Started - see Notes above
  2. 'Hello world' Android 'how to' video
  3. Import a code example into Eclipse video
  4. Lab Exercises to do.
  5. Android API: developer.android.com/reference/
  6. Android source code (sources - password needed)
  7. Assigments & due dates- See BlackBoard
  8. Assignment Procedure 

Text Books
  1. Android Developer's Cookbook eBook (1st Edition) http://ow.ly/6rAAB; ebook + paper: http://ow.ly/6rACk. or buy locally or Amazon.
  2. Screen Shots of running examples from the book and misc notes shown in lectures


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