Comparison of battery capacities. Aug 2002 kg

Different brands of size 'AA' batteries were tested in a GPS receiver to see how their capacities compared. 

The receiver was switched on and the trip time reset to zero. The receiver then ran, in a stationary position, until low battery voltage caused it to shut down. On power up again the time the receiver ran was noted in hours and minutes  - see below. The longest lasting battery was the Duracell Plus Alkaline at 14 hours and 26 minutes. The longest rechargeable was an Energizer NiMH 1700mAh at 13hours 43minutes.

Rechargable Batteries:

Energizer NiMH 1700 mAh:
1302, 1343

GP NiMH 1800  1750 mAh:
1320, 1338

Uniross NiMH 1700 mAh:
1239, 1314, 1235, 1314

Uniross NiMH 1700 mAh:
1239 1500: 953, 941, 946

Uniross NiCd 800 mAh:
617, 610

Alkaline Batteries:
Energizer: 1318
Duracell Plus: 1426
Tesco: 1240

Zinc Batteries:
Okkaido: 0044, 0050



Disclaimer: The results are indicative only and done with a small sample.