Spiral Millennium Count Down Up Clock
by Karl Grabe


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This Millennium Spiral Count Down Clock was written for the Java 2000 competition hosted by Sun Ireland. It won a runner's up prize!
Here is the Source code.
It was kept simple, all the graphics are done with standard Java AWT objects. The spiral, for example, is made up of standard button objects. The user interface was developed using Constructor for Java by MetroWerks (and JPob generator). Developed on a Macintosh.


How to Use

Method 1
After launch wait until the year 1st Jan 2000. Have some coffee handy, it's a long wait.
Method 2
Take a short-cut. You can change the time left to the Millennium by clicking on any part of the spiral. The spiral represents the number of seconds left (or gone past) 1st Jan 2000 at 00:00:00. The center of the spiral represents one second, the next button out 2 seconds then 4, 8, 16 etc until the outer most button represents a time in December 1965.
You can return to the present by clicking on the 'Time Now' button which appears only when the clock is not displaying the current time.
The time to left to the Millennium can also be changed by selecting the desired number of seconds or days from either of the 2 pop-up menus.

Known Problems

(updated 8 May 97)
Runs best on Macintosh Runtime for Java (MRJ).
It has NOT been tested on other platforms or operating systems (Win95, Solaris etc).
There's a problem with Netscape Navigator and the numbers of days left to new years day 2000.
There is a NullPointerException error with Solaris and probably other Unix systems.


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About the Author

See my home page where I keep some pictures and QuickTime movies of Cork in days gone past. I've also written an Irish Tax Calculator in Java.

My email address is --> see my homepage