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2013.01.09 Our clips used in TG4's "Bealach na mBussanna": Grand Parade, Galley Hd, Kinsale/Cork straight road, Youghal Bridge, Grand Parade shop

2012.08.18 Cork Heritage Week Video (& photos)

2012.08.18 Cork Underground Construction hits a snag... (mpeg) or youTube.

Videos in Chronological order ->

Timoleague Festival 2009 - The Lawn Mower Race. 21 Aug 2009

'Horror Movie' ->

  • Kilcrea Abbey - "View with a Tomb" 2min video 75mb or 5mb Sep 09. There's a small opening in one of the ancient tombs.....

Going to Mass Ireland 1962

Horse and cart, on the road from Killorglin to Rossbeigh. The little girl is in her communion dress. WMV 500k

Galley Head 1962

An 8mm cine camera is clamped to a vw beetle and driven along the narrow road to Galley head entrance.

Old houses, cows, a passing alady, entrance pillars, views of the lightouse, a fishing boat, rocks. WMV 1.7mb 1min24. 8mb. Galley Head has it's own band! -> They toured there in 1978!

Wolfgang Grabe Watchmaker Jewellers, 42 Grand Parade, Cork. 1962

View of the staff, the window display made by Wolfgang to demonstrate automatic watches and how they work. A watch is moved in a circle to simulate the movement of a persons arm. The movement winds the watch wich has a clear back so the winding mechanism can be seen throught the magnifying glass. WMV 2mb, WMV 5mb 2mins. The shop moved later to 38 Oliver Plunkett Street (

Cork City, 1962

Drive in cork city. Grand parade - passing the shop with a view of the building where government buildings now patricks street passing Barters Travel and 'Le Chateau" bar and where McSweeney's Photo shop now is..

WMV 1mb WMV 1.7mb 43secs

Cork Airport 1962

Check-in and departure from Cork airport. At that time youcould walk out near the runway.

The aircraft is a Vicars 808 Viscount. wiki.

Video 43seconds WMV 1 mb WMV 2mb

Courmasherry, Co cork, boat trip 1962

WMV lo, WMV hi

Cork Harbour Ireland 1962

Drive along the docks video 36sec: WMV 1mb, WMV 1.5mb

Kinsale, Cork staight road, Model farm road 1962

80sec: WMV 1.5mb, WMV 5mb & YouTube

  • Kinsale view of Bandon River, Castle Park, view from Compass Hill

  • Patrick's Hill - view of Shandon church, and down Patricks hill

  • Lee Valley view from Kerry Pike junction on the Lee road

  • Drive on the straight road, car ahead drived in the road middle (photo)

  • Drive on model farm road, the house on the left is approx where 'The Manor" estate is now and opposite the Texaco station. Next clip is on Rossa Ave, Bishopstown, passing the junction with Elton Lawn, to the left was Spillane's farm.

Upton Steam Rally June 1989

The 'car park', steam rollers (00:25), some of the characters (03:00; 07:47; 14:15), bailing machine (08:30), motor bikes (10:20), timber cutting (09:10), minituare steam roller (12:20), Wilhelm Bruder Söhne barrel/fairground organ (13:15), Model locomotive (13:35), listen to the guy's accent on the PA selling raffle tickets (14:05), irish dancing (14:30), back to the car park.

Put on your headphones and listen to those reciprocating engines (03:50) in hi-fi stereo! The video camera used was a Philips full size S-VHS (JVC internals).

15Min video: WMV 16mb WMV 38mb See also this youTube clip from CFA.

Cork to the River Lee's source - Gougan Barra Forest Park Oct-2003

  • 1 Hour Non Stop drive from Ballincollig (Cork) to Gougan Barra Forest Park.

  • Starts at the west of Ballincollig (it's 2003 so before the bypass) and goes throught the town (no buisiness park etc).. Car Windscreen mounted Camera.

  • 1 Hour WMV Video: 240mb, 360mb, 700mb (to come)

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Early 60's- . car ferry flight from cork airport, b/w Frank Hall tv show snippet, youghal bridge, nelson's pillar dublin.

Late '80s-drive from bishopstown to the city, wilton roundabout.



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