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2011 Season: 6 nestcam boxes: Great Tit nest, Blue Tit nest, Great Tit roosting. Project closed & no longer being updated.

2011 Great Tits (with 3 Cameras) & Blue Tits

  • See twitter @CorkNest feed above for latest updates and live video info.

  • Great Tit started incubating 7 Eggs 22 Apr, Hatched 4th May, all fledged 23 May

  • Great Tit Video clips & photos are here & on youTube, Fledge video: 1st chick, last chick

  • Blue Tits started incubating 7 eggs 1st May, Hatched 12th May (no videos from this box)

  • DIY Nest Box with camera construction photos see Version 3 and Version 4

  • LIVE video OFF following fledging, check twitter for next broadcast (from early mar 2012)

2010 Season:Great tit nest with 3 fledging chicks.

2010 Great Tit this year in box1 - DIY Nest box Construction Details see further down page

  • Videos & Photo gallery from nestbuilding to fledging. 3 Cameras, Stereo sound.

  • Live Pictures 24/7 every few seconds. The hen still comes to roost at night.

  • Summary: Apr 14 nest started; Apr 25 Egg 1; Apr 26 Egg 2; Apr 28 Egg 3; Apr 29 Stopped at 3 eggs Incubation started; May 11/12 hatching; May 30 0931 all 3 Fledged: Fledging Videos


2009 Season - a Blue Tit nest:

  • 01 Jun Blue tit: no longer roosting at night.

  • 22 May Blue tit: still no eggs, not looking hopeful. F still roosting at night.

  • 06 May Misc video: bumble bee, m feeds f, m wake up call, problem feather.

  • 27 Apr Blue tit video: 'fine tuning' of nest. Side Camera is moved in closer.

  • 25 Apr Great tit nest - building continues on and off, 1 egg laid, subsequently abandoned.

  • 19 Apr Blue tit - m tries to feed the f, and perhaps there's something else going on? See clips.

  • 18 Apr Nest is complete? little activity during the day. The blue tit roosts in the box at night.

  • 06 Apr Nest building continues.

  • 15 Mar Side cam moved to point at floor, nest building continues. WMV videos: Close up with sided vew camera, all cameras, simultaneous, incuding outside cam.

  • 28 Feb Male enters box, followed by female, male then leaves WMV22mb AVI. Similtaenous overhead & side views camers, later outside camera also.

  • 26 Feb female enters box and does the 'shuffle' WMV4mb AVI. Overhead cam and later sideview.

  • 20 Feb - some nest material brought into the blue tit box This is way to early so they are just experimenting with the nest box at this stage. Nest building won't normally start till mid march at the earliest.

Nest Box Cam Version 4

  • 23 Feb construction photos here. New box has:

    • Stronger LED lighting. 10mm 5x12leds, 1 12v festoon LED array.

    • Improved side camera movement (used only when no bird is inside). Outside cam fitted: pics.

    • Stereo sound. Separate mics and preamps, separate audio power supply.

See also the previoius version 3 for additional pictures and info on parts. Version 3 pics (follow 2009/mar/NestBox v3 Opened/
) after dissasembley showing some of the creatures that moved in - examples catepillar? , earwig & brown 'stuff'.


2008 Season

  • 13-Jun: Day 21: All six fledge, the last one leaves at 09:29:37. WMV, AVI timeline->

    • 05:58:13 – chick inspects the camera

    • 06:15:42 – adult brings some food

    • 06:15:54 – chick furiously wing flapping

    • 08:19:30 – adult brings in large catapillar. 2 adults, 6 chicks in the crowded nest

    • 07:19:45 - 1st chick leaves; an perches at the entrance hole

    • 09:29:25 - 5th leaves

    • 09:29:37 – 6th and last chick leaves

    • 09:33:24 – Adult enters wth food, to find they've all left.

  • 12-Jun: Day 20/21: Infrared video of the chicks on their last night in the nestbox; sleeping see the chick on the right's eyelids and beak move at 01:03:10, preening with eyes closed at 02:54-> WMV, AVI. Also they were disturbed by something earlier on, one of the chicks leaves out a screech: WMV, AVI

  • 10-Jun: Day 18. 6 chicks; some wing flapping on a sibling's head- WMV, AVI. Fledging anytime from now on.

  • 9-Jun: day 17. WMV , AVI

  • 8-Jun: Day 16. First night that the chicks are on thier own in the box. See the reaction to a blackbird alarm call. Also see the head plumage moving on the chick on the right. video: WMV, AVI

  • 7-Jun: Day 15: Wing flapping, scratching, preening and some chirping. Video:- WMV, AVI (1min)

  • 5-Jun: Day 13: WMV, AVI, Photos 1, 2, 3

  • 3-Jun-08: Day 11: WMV, AVI, photo. 4 Jun - AVI, WMV

  • 28 -May: Day 7 Sleeping mother with the dawn chorus in the background, 7 day old chicks, what goes in must come out! WMV, AVI, Photo

  • 29 -May: Day 6 WMV, AVI

  • 28 -May: Day 5 Some big pieces of food, the patient parent checks the chick swallows it ok. The chicks begin to chirp. WMV, AVI.

  • 27-May: Day 4 (photo on left). Male finds a mouth to feed under female's rear end! video: WMV, AVI

  • 26-May: Day 3, the chick are 3 days old - video: WVI, AVI


  • 25-May: Day 2. All 6 eggs hatched. Video WMV, AVI. See M with catapillar too big for chicks, F tries & then eats it herself! Clips also show brood patch.

  • 24-May: First chick hatches: Picture Video, including feeding on day 1. WMV, AVI

  • 23-May: The wren builds a nest in 2 days. I think this is what's happening - the mail builds the nest, in the video he sings in the nest to attract the female, then leaves to let the female in. Th nest is forming a dome. Videos: WMV, AVI. Picture.

  • 22-May: Videos: Blue tit catches fly, is fed (listen to cruncy noises!), M tries to feed the eggs! WMV, AVI

  • 21-May: A wren starts nestbuilding in box 1; Box 2 Blue Tits hatching expected any time now.

  • 18-May: Female eats a white butterfly, also brooding patch visible at end of video (camera 2): WMV, AVI

  • 18-May: M feeds F for 1min with nothing in his beak, 6 eggs visibleWMV, AVI

  • 17-May: Incubating; video shows her settling on the eggs: WMV, AVI

bee blue tit nest box

  • Bumble Bee Video WMV or AVI

  • 11- May-08 - 6 eggs. Videos: egg laying WMV AVI, M feeds F WMV AVI, Long tail WMV AVI

  • 10-May-08 - 5 eggs, incubation starting.

  • 09-May-08 - At least 4 eggs - photo. 05-May-08 - Egg laying begins, later than last year which was 20 Apr 07

  • 02-May-08 - Bumble Bee goes under nest material, blue tit encounters it: video WMV or AVI or uTube

  • 01-May-08 - Male feeds the female in the nest box: video WMV or AVI27 Apr 08 - Female Waling up: video 27 WMV or AVI

  • 27 Apr 08 - Female Roosting: video 27 WMV or AVI 26 Apr 08 - Female sleeps in the nest box for the first time. Nestbuilding continues.

  • 9 Apr 08 - First nest material brought in.

  • 16 Mar 08 - Blue tit removes some rubber sleeving: Picture, Videos WMV 2MB, AVI 5MB

  • 9 Mar 08 - Blue tit attacks side camera covering, and removes it - 4MB WMV Movie, uTube. Pic

  • 26 Feb 08 - Femle joins male briefly in box, jumps into side camera compartment: WMV 3MB, AVI 16MB

  • 24 Feb 08 - Side cam moved to show entrance hole with simultaneous over head view: Quicktime: 1mps & uTube

  • 20 Feb 08 - Great Tit and Blue Tit nest Box inspections:

  • Video-> AVI 44Mb 23Mb, WMV: 26Mb 10Mb, Quicktime: 250kbs, 500kps, 1mps

Camera 1: old nest box with great tit, Cameras 2/3 new nest box with overhead and side views of a blue tit.

Weekly Bird Counts Co Cork Dec 07 to Feb 08 incuding 06/07 (as submitted to BWI)

  • Season 2008 - Nest Camera DIYconstruction details and videos for version 3.

  • Features 2 cameras - one overhead and movable side view.

  • Sideview camera has pan/tilt/zoom functionalith that can be controlled outsdise the nest box.

  • (2007 nestcam details: nestcam version 2)

  • Construcions details & photos of a simple black/white nestcam.

  • UPDATE - see verison 4 box details further up page


Feb 2008 "Hot Bird"

Birds' nest at the end of a satellite dish - photos.

A flower pot was used to protect the motor of a motorised satellite dish, some blue tits decided to make it their nest last year. When the dish moved, so did the nest.

2007 Season: (nb the google videos no longer work, use the download link instead and the free VLC player)

Oct 2007

Nest box is opened, one unhatched egg (16 x 12.5mm), the 5th chick is still there. Photos

14 Jun Spotted an an adult and chick in the garden.

01 Jun 3 days after fledging, spotted in the garden - photos..

29 May They Fledge. Video shows 4 chicks leaving the nest with views from inside, outside the box and in the bushes afterwards. The 5th and last one didn't survive. So out of 8 egss 7 hatched, 3 died, 4 fledged. Download it. Some photos.

28 May. MP4 Clips: TailGrab - chick mistakes parent's tail for food. Day 17, Day 18. Usual feeding and wing flapping.


24 May Video Day15, mother wakes up, feeding, more wing flapping and they are calling out loudly when food arriveds MP4 Download


23 May Video clip showing 14 day old chick testing wings. A fly wanders in later causing some alarm! MP4 Download


23-May-07: There are only 5 this morning. Lost 1 yesterday for sure.

22-May-07: It's now 11 days after hatching, still 7 chicks. The unhatched egg is still in there somewhere. Larger video, MP4 to download.


14-May-07: 7 visible chicks being fed. Pic of one of the frames showing the 7, video. Download it as MP4 and also the following: Small chicks big caterpillars! (took 2 mins to swallow!), What are they fighting over this time??, another feeding clip.



10-May-07 Afternoon: 3 Chicks hatch in the morning and there are 6 (we think) by afternoon. So 2 unhatched eggs remain. Clip on left shows them moving about and one with an open mouth looking for food. video MP4 version of it. The eggs are 15mm x12mm weighing 0.5grams. See "morning" below for hatching.


10-May-07 Morning

Blue tits hatching. . Download: MP4 (5mb) .Chick has just struggled out of the top left egg, the parent(f?) then comes in and helps the upper right chick by removing and eating parts of the egg. She finally removes the remaining half of the upper left egg and takes it outside. Next clip shows the parent (f?) coming in to feed the chick at the center top and well, ah-hem, what goes in must come out so she removes the "waste in the form of fecal pellet enclosed in a gelatinous sac". In the last clip the other parent (m?) feeds a chick in the lower right hand side but mammy has to look after the other end and takes the "message" outside. All the chicks shown had just hatched (10May07), 2 eggs still remained out of a total of 8. They should remain in the nest 18 or so days.

10-May-07: 3 Chicks.

03-May-07: Food fight! Male bring in a nice juicy caterpillar for the female but seems to have difficulty with the idea of handing it over!

Download video as MP4, or AVI


01-May-07: No change. hatching expected, all going well, around 8th May? (12-14 days after 27thApr).

28-Apr-07: 8 eggs, incubation continues. Video shows 8 eggs, female entering nest followed by male who feeds her, then she settles down on eggs. . Download it. (1mb, mp4 movie, 30 seconds).


27-Apr-07: 8 eggs, incubation started.

22-Apr-07: 3 Eggs:

Download (18mb mpg video , realplayer or nero showtime)) it. male feeding female, going to sleep on 3 eggs, then reorganisising the eggs head down and tail flicking embarriningly up in the air.

Blue Tit: of embarrising moment: download (8mb mgp) the movie(sound required!).



Blue Tit nest, 2 eggs visible. Click play on google movie download it (5mb MPG movie). 1st egg arrived apr 20.

22-Apr-07 - 3 eggs

Jan/Feb 07

Roosting Great Tit movie clip, winter of 2006/7 HiRes (80mb), LowRes (56mb).Clips taken during Jan/Feb 07 combined into a 4 minute movie covering dusk to dawn. See the bird entering/leaving, preening, going to sleep, holding on during a F9 gale etc.


Pair of Blue Tits making nest, Co, cork (mp4, 12mb). . The first bird is probably a male and is trying to attract his mate inside, and probably realised that she is nearby. By him leaving the box, it allowed the female to go inside. (thanks to Andy of for the explaination).

The nest was started on 23 march, but it wasn't a very organised effort until about a week later.

20-April-07: First Egg

DIY: NestCam construction details from Andy's (offline but back march 08, and offline again) site here and some videos from inside the nest box.

How to fit a camera and lights to a nest box. Two nest cam boxes were make this way, the great tit box uses a better quality camera than the blue tit one. A DVD recorder was used to continuosly capture video to it's hard disk, then highlights burned to dvd. DVD then copied to pc for upload to web.

Ireland's BioDiversity week 2007 photos.

Garden Birds, Co Cork, Ireland 2006, Camera Olympus E-500, Sigma lense.

Close UPs From a hide

Action Taken from inside the house

Rings, on a goldfinch


More, Taken from inside the house


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