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Sea Sounds and Hydrophones Apr 2008 updated Mar 2022

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Cork Hydrophone Recordings

Recordings (WAV files) of Snapping Shrimp recorded at Hole Open Bay West (near Old Head of Kinsale) on 27 June 2005 N51 36.763 W8 32.673:

These recordings were made with a home made hydrophone (see photos and link below), pre-amp and and analogue cassette recorder. Water dept was 7m, hydrophone depth 5m. About 20m from the shore.

the Hydrophone used, design: Loughborough University.

Build the above Hydrophone & some Links:

Loughborough University Underwater Acoustics Research Group: PDF copies: Info on how to build the above DIY hydrophone Hydrophone and suitable preamplifier. (the original University links are now gone)

2022: Instructables in Circuits  "navy" high spec DIY hydrophone

Nauta: Italian company providing hydrophone equipment and useful tips on recording using a hydrophone

Sound of the sea from Rhode Island Office of the Marine: Sample sounds and descriptions of common dolphins, Snapping Shrimp, humpback whale etc (search for them at the website)

T-PODS for recording dolphin and porpoise cliks. Lots of info about echo-location, frequencies etc.

Other home-brew hydrophones tried (but not as good as the one above):

Security alarm sounder, electronics removed and plastic apertures opened - very sensitive but resonances due to large volume of air inside. Tried adding cotton wool as a baffle but still get resonance. Lead weight underneath to counteract buoyancy. The two piezo electric disks already had water proof seals and are wired in parallel.


Telephone condenser microphone, with built in pre-amp, covered in rubber to keep water out. It shouldn't work that well but it gives good results.

Other sound files, nothing to do with hydophones

Soothing sounds: 8hour(!) WMA of waves on a beach.

FREE MP3 Ringones: Shandon "Boys of Fairhill", "Home and Away", BennyHill, Green Acres Short, Green Acres Long, Hawaii5-0, Little House on the Prarie